Breeding problems - Undeserved penalties

American Girl
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Breeding problems - Undeserved penalties

Postby American Girl » Mon Oct 28, 2013 6:55 pm

a) Server, User-ID

Server 1

b) Internet Browser and Version

Firefox v24.02, also happens on IE v10.0 Chrome v31.1612, Iron v15.0.900.1, Cometbird v3.6.16

c) Time of error

October 26-28, 2013

d) Error description

Several members of club including myself are reporting Penalties of +1 days disappearing and appearing on different tanks and at different times. For example: I updated tanks at 12:30 AM EST on October 28 at which time I had no penalties. This was after obvious "new day" had started (e.g. bricks were available in quarry, new fish in Shop, new weekly challenge, etc.) Again this morning at 7:30 AM prior to going to work, I fished and bought a few fish . . . again no penalties. I came home from work (6:30 PM) to see +1 penalty. Other club members report the loss of any existing penalties on 10/27 and/or the accumulation of a penalty on an attended to breeding today despite poking hugging and completing all required tasks. There is also a possibility I had a +1 penalty on Saturday (10/26)on a different breeding session that I may have lost as well, but I am unsure. It is not just on my account and appears to be happening to a few FOOK members.

d) Error reproducible? If so, how?
I hope not.

Can you please review. Thank you

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Re: Breeding problems - Undeserved penalties

Postby pearlbay » Tue Oct 29, 2013 3:49 am

Hi American Girl,

thank you very much for your report. I have passed this issue on to our developers, and will get back to you as soon as I have received feedback from their side!

Best regards,

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